Useful Downloads

Thanks to @BatmanShaw in our Telegram Group for these first two spreadsheets. Awesome work Batman!

Spreadsheet to calculate rewards and impermanent loss

For the Fusion chain :-


For the Binance chain :-


These spreadsheets are sophisticated tools for monitoring the performance of your liquidity pools. You can add positions in each pool, estimate liquidity rewards and volume rewards and estimate a good time to leave the pools, so that you don’t suffer from impermanent loss. Usage instructions to follow, but it it quite intuitive, so download it, open it and fill in the yellow boxes with data from the exchange. To summarize :-

  1. Update the latest pool data in the “pool data” tab for it to be up to date
  2. Enter your current pooled FSN (not entry FSN) in the “your pooling” tab to get estimates of rewards for the day & APY etc.
  3. You can enter your entry prices/values in the “impermanent loss” tab to calculate current profit/loss (excluding rewards) if you wish
  4. The “Basic_Pool Stats” will tell you a brief summary of pool rewards and what ANY you get per 100 fsn pooled
  5. The other tabs are some graphical data on what happens if the price changes